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Headaches are a result of many things. One may develop a headache after ingesting certain food products and beverages such as cheese, chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol. Women have headaches that are associated with the onset of menses every month due to hormonal changes. Many experience headaches due to side or stomach sleeping and even using a computer for long periods of time.

Sleeping on your side or stomach places your neck in an awkward position for an extended amount of time. The muscles in the neck may become tight and this in turn may pull on the vertebrae resulting in cervical subluxations (joints that are not in proper alignment). These subluxations will cause interference with normal functioning of the nerves and muscles and produce a headache. A workstation that has a computer screen that is below or above eye level will place stress on the neck muscles. The body will react in the same manner as above and create a headache.

The two most common headaches that a Chiropractor treats in the office are the muscle tension headache (described above) and the migraine. Migraine headaches are more vascular in nature. Before the actual headache sets in, the individual may experience "floaters" (spots or lines that tend to float in front of the eyes). When a migraine headache is present, the individual may experience sensitivity to light or sound, blurry vision, or a nauseated feeling.

The majority of the population seeks medical help for a quick fix for pain relief. The medications that are prescribed help diminish the pain but do not treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction. The Doctor of Chiropractic looks for these causes.

The Chiropractor will perform an initial consultation and a detailed medical history. After the physical, orthopedic, and chiropractic examinations, radiographs of the area of chief complaint may be warranted for further diagnosis. Based on the findings the chiropractor gives a report of findings and a treatment plan, which will be discussed with the patient. Referrals to other practitioners are made if necessary.

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