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The design of the foot is made for strength, flexibility, and providing shock absorption while maintaining balance.

The foot has two functions during walking and running. When the heel strikes the ground the foot is a shock absorber to the impact force while adapting to the changing terrain. A force is then transmitted from the ground into the foot to propel the body forward.

Foot complaints are primarily due to improper support or inappropriate footwear. Shoes that are too tight can put pressure on the bones of the feet and compress them causing subluxations (joints are out of alignment). Sometimes when the foot is pronated (walking on the outsides of the feet) plantar fasciitis may develop. This is an inflammation of the tissues on the bottom of the feet.

To correct many foot problems custom-made corrective shoe orthotics are often suggested. These are especially made for an individual and can only be worn by that individual. The orthotics provide support to the foot in the areas where it needs it most.

The majority of the population seeks medical help for a quick fix for pain relief. The medications that are prescribed help diminish the pain but do not treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction. The Doctor of Chiropractic looks for these causes.

The Chiropractor will perform an initial consultation and a detailed medical history. After the physical, orthopedic, and chiropractic examinations, radiographs of the area of chief complaint may be warranted for further diagnosis. Based on the findings the chiropractor gives a report of findings and a treatment plan, which will be discussed with the patient. Referrals to other practitioners are made if necessary.

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