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Many people suffering intense wrist pain, tingling and numbness in the first three and a half fingers, or arm, shoulder, and neck pain are often diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

The carpal tunnel is located in the wrist. The median nerve along with the tendons of the finger flexors passes through this tunnel. The tunnel is made from the carpal (wrist) bones and a band of connective tissue (flexor retinaculum) spanning across the wrist area.

CTS is a result of a chronic compression of the area. The compression can be caused by a healed fracture of a carpal bone, arthritis, or even an inflammatory joint disease. The most common cause of compression is due to an occupational stress. Computer operators, word processors, assembly workers are among the highest occupations that suffer from CTS or symptoms associated with CTS. Some pregnant women develop symptoms of CTS due to the water retention that may occur during the course of the pregnancy.

Many times patients are misdiagnosed with CTS. The symptoms of CTS may also be brought about by subluxations (misalignment of the joints) of the neck, mid-back, and shoulder girdle or even muscle hypertonicity of the same areas.

The majority of the population seeks medical help for a quick fix for pain relief. The medications that are prescribed help diminish the pain but do not treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction. The Doctor of Chiropractic looks for these causes.

The Chiropractor will perform an initial consultation and a detailed medical history. After the physical, orthopedic, and chiropractic examinations, radiographs of the area of chief complaint may be warranted for further diagnosis. Based on the findings the chiropractor gives a report of findings and a treatment plan, which will be discussed with the patient. Referrals to other practitioners are made if necessary.

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